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no body gives a damn about me or anybody else

i realized i shoudl probably post my information up here as well...

name - tara/gwen, whatever you prefer
age - 16
diagnosis - NOS eating disorder and depression of some sort or something of another, ive never been in treatment long enough for them to make a diagnosis of that extent, but they have made guesses of either bpd or bipoar, leaning more towards bpd now. *shrug* i don't particularly care what the have to say about me, whatever

treatment you've received and how long you've been treated- i've been in and out of therapy for the past 2 years, i've had my eating disorder since i was about 12 and started self injuring around then too. i've had a bed ready for me in the refrew center in phili for me 3 times but i've pulled out all three cause my mother doesn't know how to function at home without me.
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