PxD (perfect_damnit) wrote in why_wonderland,

hey im new here and this community looked...safe...anyway here's my info...
name - ana
age - 16
diagnosis - i have little problems...and no problems...pill addition, burning, and starting to cut...and of course depression...
treatment you've received - i have a psychiastrist and a therapist....im taking tranquilizers, lexapro, and two other pills but i cant remember what their called
and how long you've been treated - about a month..month and a half or something.

i just dont understand why the doctors are giving me so many pills when they know that i have a pill addiction...its pissing me off. anyway yea..just wanted to introduce myself. if anyone wants to chat just add me and comment (on my one entry in my journal-LOL) and ill add you back. (i just switched journals so i havent written anything yet). LOL talk to you all later.

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