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Name: Hannah, 17 Years old
Diagnosis: ADHD combined type, comorbid anxiety (mainly social)
Treatment: I have tried wellbutrin, strattera, adderall, and am currently taking imipramine.

I know this is my first time posting, and I apologize for jumping in and asking questions so quickly. But I have a few...sry.
Has anyone else get really bad nightmares with Tofranil/Imipramine? Ive seriously never had a nightmare that I can remember in my whole life until I started taking it. Plus I can only sleep about 7 hours a night. And I feel really strange about an hour after taking- like wierd crazy thoughts about words and numbers and objects having feelings and being sort of live. i cant explain it really. Has anyone else had these effects from it? Should I call the Dr about this, or just wait til late Sept til my appointment? God I just want to get off this medicine...grrr.

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