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name: jade or bloodred

age: 21 going on 8

diegnosis: fibromyagia(fm) its like chronic fatuige syndrome and all over pain all in one, wiki it thats the easiest things to do.
bipolar disorder (manic depression) mixed state, meaning im manic and depressed at the same time.

treatment: well that depends i could give you all the drugs i have been given for my condition or just the ones im on now.
ill list all of them and tell you which im on now. ones with a * next to them im on now.
ibeprofen/ paracetamol
codeine 8mg
paramol (OTC 7mg dihydracodeine+ paracetamol)
co-proxamol (dextropropoxyphene + paracetamol)
co-codamol (8mg codeine+paracetamol)
co-dydramol (10mg dhc+paracetamol)
remadine (20mg dhc+paracetamol)
remadine forte (30mg dhc+paracetamol)
df118s (30mg dhc NO paracetamol)
methadone (30ml used for heroin addiction, painkiller)
dosulapin (anti depressant)
amytripiline (anti depressant with sedative effect)
fluoxetine (prozac) *
diclofex (anti inflamatory)
lodine (slow releese anti inflamatory)
valium (diazepam 2mg)
Dextromethorphan cough syrip can be used for fibromyalgia
diphenhydramine (OTC sleep aid 50mg) *
tramadol (100mg slow relelse opioid)
clonazepam 0.5mg (benzo hypnotic sedative and anti cunvusant) *
carbanmiazepam (anticunvulsant)
oramorph 5ml/10mg (morphine sulphate liquid form)
imodium (OTC relife for dihorea)
zopiclone (7.5mg sleep aid) *

OTC= other the counter
DHC= dihydracodeine
benzo= Benzodiazepines

about me: well im an art student, studying photography at the arts institute bournemouth, ive been in art college for 5 years because well thats the only thing im good at, dont even talk to me about maths.. lol.
the list of drugs above were taken over a period of about 6 years, i was on df118s for a year and had to come off using temgesic which is like methadone to combat withdrawels. all the other stuff i was on breifly.
genrally my doctors are assholes and dont listen and only now am i getting listened to. and in my time i have abused drugs and taken illeagal ones too.
ive never taken heroin or coke or any of the really hard ones, but i have taken lsd and mushrooms and they still remein my favorite, if you think im this way because of drug induced psychosis your wrong because i had all this way before i ever took drugs.

so anyway thats me, if you want to get to know me more just shout


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