hi i wanted to join a community... i looked through tons of them dealing with problems and stuff. and then i came across why wonderland. it's small and seems nice. and i love alice in wonderland. although.. it might not have anything to do with it. but.. hi everyone! i guess... should i describe my problems next? i don't really know what to do.

and... i just realized that this place hasn't been updated in awhile.. maybe this isn't a good idea?
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I went to my physician last Thursday, and he said I may be put on Lexapro. HOWEVER, I need to wait for my thyroid results. Then we need to make an appt and talk about dosage/medication and after a while of getting on my thyroid pill again, if I'm not feeling better in any way, I may want to consider the antidepressant. I never knew how much that would really suck. But I may know soon. I have about 3 months....*grrr*

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hi :)
name - Erin
age - 22
diagnosis - anorexia nervosa, bipolar depressive disorder (bipolar II), seasonal affective disorder
treatment you've received and how long you've been treated-total of 9.5 months in IP at Oceanaire. one stay for 5 months one stay for 4.5.
currently see a dietician, a therapist, and attend 2 support groups.
in a bit of a relapse.
being threatened with hospital.
scared scared scared.


Hi. I joined this board the other day. My name's Laurie. I'm an 18 year old sophomore at SUNY Geneseo.

diagnosis- I've been able to avoid all treatment.
I keep my disordered thinking to myself. I started with mia, until i was able to get into Ana. I don't have the will power or the means anymore, so now I just count calories, take pills, and hate myself when I eat.

lowest weight- 84
highest weight- about 126
current weight- 110

mood- fat. always too fat.
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no body gives a damn about me or anybody else

i realized i shoudl probably post my information up here as well...

name - tara/gwen, whatever you prefer
age - 16
diagnosis - NOS eating disorder and depression of some sort or something of another, ive never been in treatment long enough for them to make a diagnosis of that extent, but they have made guesses of either bpd or bipoar, leaning more towards bpd now. *shrug* i don't particularly care what the have to say about me, whatever

treatment you've received and how long you've been treated- i've been in and out of therapy for the past 2 years, i've had my eating disorder since i was about 12 and started self injuring around then too. i've had a bed ready for me in the refrew center in phili for me 3 times but i've pulled out all three cause my mother doesn't know how to function at home without me.
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hello and welcome to why_wonderland. i'm the moderator, tara, you can visit my live journal here jezebelx. if you have and questions feel free to ask me. xoxo
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